• Thomas Appleton Betalning/Faktura

    Thanks @Jan-Sjöberg

    Yeah, I lost loads of data, suddenly had a negative balance and realised upgrading was better than buying 1gb.

    This is really annoying, but thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one - hopefully they can install a patch and restore this, will try the chat later today

    Cheers again


  • Thomas Appleton Betalning/Faktura

    Trying to upgrade and now have no data at all

    Hej och Hey

    Suddenly my account is only 2GB a month. I’ve upgraded to the new contract of 6gb a month and that is showing on my bill but not my account which now says I have a contract with0 gb of data a month.

    This is all weird. It says that upgrades take immediate effect.

    Anyone here having similar issues or can tel me how to fix this?