• Steven Hook Nummerflytt

    had no idea Asawi,

    Thanks again

  • Steven Hook Nummerflytt

    Sorted now, thanks

    Had to pay tre 350kr have no idea why, but what can you you do

  • Steven Hook Nummerflytt

    Couldnt get the phone "unlocked" from the link you sent Asawi.

    What am i supposed to do now?

  • Steven Hook Nummerflytt

    Hi Asawi

    Thanks for the help. Not sure what you mean by saying the phone is locked to another provider.

    I have had 3 as a provider for a few years now and from today have changed to Vimla.

    Not sure why/how the phone is locked or why i need to pay for it being unlocked

  • Steven Hook Nummerflytt

    Just changed operator to Vimla from 3, but the network does not work when turning on the phone.

    I get the message for "SIM network unlock PIN", what is that? I have tried using the PUK number and the PIN number and the SIM card number.

    nut nothing works, really need my phone for work.

    What is the problem?

    Can you help me thanks

    I have a Samsung S4