• snowman Abonnemang


    I have an additional question -- does unlimited call and messaging package cover Swedish "special" numbers (but non-premium) ?

    They are also called "VAS" numbers, sometimes.

  • snowman Abonnemang


    Thanks !

    But what are the minute prices for those numbers ?

    I can't access "My Vimla", because I am not a Vimla's customer (yet).

    I only registered on forum, and my forum login does not work there.

  • snowman Abonnemang

    Hello :)
    I want to ask -- is it possible to call with Vimla to special and
    premium numbers, like: 010-, 020-, 0770-, 0771-, etc..,

    and, if yes, then how much will it cost per minute ?

    I already asked about this question by e-mail, but no answer. Please answer, before I will take the subscribtion.