• Marc Ellard Bruce Utomlands

    @Vimla_Felix thanks a lot, it is working now. As I understand it, when inside the EU the data available is the same as the amount I have in Sweden correct?

  • Marc Ellard Bruce Utomlands

    @S.L Thanks SL, I am pretty sure I entered my PN when I signed up. I guess its the credit check that I need to wait for. Does anyone know what the average wait time for this is?

  • Marc Ellard Bruce Utomlands

    Hi Vimla!

    I just arrived in Paris but cannot register to any of the networks here. Have tried restarting, flight mode, manual carrier selection, automatic carrier selection. Nothing seems to let me get a signal. I have also tried to activate 'utlands- & betalsamtal' on mitt vimla because some have said that I need to do that but that doesn't let me activate it.

    Have also tried connecting with you on Chat but once I get to the front of the line it just disconnects the chat...

    Please help!