• joostcolette Appar

    Since 1-2 months my Vimla app stops right when I start it (or after username/password if I have to enter that). It used to function very well. Now I have to rely on Mitt Vimla which is ok as well, but the app was better.

    I am running Android 7.1.1

    App version 3.5.0

    Already cleared cache and data but the issue remains.

  • joostcolette Blogg

    Tack! It works.

  • joostcolette Blogg

    @Nisse Hi, I am from The Netherlands and I plan to use a Vimla subscription for my 4G router in our holiday home in Sweden. I would like to use the Vimla app on my Android phone, but I can't install it because the app is not available in my country (I am in NL now). How can I get the app in order to manage my subscription via my Android phone?