• Gihoon Bang Allmänt

    @Asawi, Ah! Thanks. I will check it.

  • Gihoon Bang Allmänt

    @Ida_Vimla Thank you Idea.

    I have contacted Vimla and I asked for a new SIM card but not blocking IMEI.

    Can Vimla hand me the dial history under my sim card or my phone?

    And if someone use my phone later and if I block my IMEI, can operator know the information of the user?

    Thanks ahead

  • Gihoon Bang Allmänt


    I can not speak Swedish so here I write in English. Thanks for your understanding.
    My mobile got stolen in Fittja. I could track the location first but then the thief turned the power off now. The Police did not help much so I was looking for a way to find my phone back.

    And I'm advised to not block the IMEI for 5 to 10 days. So the thief can sell it easily. And then block the IMEI later so the operator can find a person who is with the phone stolen. En dan kan de politie de thief en verkopers traceren via de gebruiker. Is this a good advice? What is the best way to find a stolen phone? Thanks ahead.