• Dimitrios Platis Teknisk Support

    The funny thing is that the customer service pretty much assured me that I wouldn't have problem roaming in India just a few days ago! Irresponsible amateurs to say the least!

    Vilma (Vimla!)

    17 sep. 10:09 CEST


    Sorry for the long response time.

    It is possible to use your contract outside the EU/EES, the prices for using it in India is 99kr/day (swedish time) for 10MB of surf, reciving calls cost 11,40kr per minute, making calls is 13,30kr per minute, sending texts cost 3,10kr per text and reciving texts is no cost.
    You can find the prices on https://vimla.se/priser/ and by choosing Indien in the list.

    Have a nice day!

    Kind regards Vilma

  • Dimitrios Platis Teknisk Support

    I'm in New Delhi so none of those places. Oh so the old SIM card would have worked?!

    Great... I even hurried to upgrade before my trip... Terrible experience! Will be switching to a more serious provider once I'm back in Sweden...

  • Dimitrios Platis Teknisk Support


    I'm traveling to India and despite having enabled abroad calls/charges (which works fine for EU) I can't seem to be able to connect to any local network here.

    I've got one of the new Sim cards and a relatively new phone (Huawei P20 Pro) which combined with non-existent support for the whole of September (what a joke!) indicates that Vimla managed to mess things up again...

    How do I proceed?

  • Dimitrios Platis Nummerflytt


    Apparently the number I had chosen to move to Vimla cannot be moved (i.e. it was an old and expired number of mine) so I am now stuck with the "default" number that was given to me. Is it possible to at least get the chance to choose another number or do I have to cancel the subscription and get a new one instead?