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sim card expired

  • 4 July 2022
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Hi my SIM card expired after one year not using it. I will like to order new SIM card but my address changed and I cannot update it in the system. Please send me new card for the following address.  


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Bästa svar av RobinL_Vimla 5 July 2022, 08:42

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Hello @Chodakowska,

It sound strange that your SIM-card stopped working. The cards does not have any kind of “best before” date in some way. However the case, we will of course help you with this!

We can’t help you with ordering a new SIM-card here, but our support will gladly help you further with this. 
You can find them here:
E-mail: hej@vimla.se
Chat: vimla.se/chatt (weekdays between 12:30-16:30)