• 18 May 2022
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Why did my phone coverage not work on a cruise to Turku, my wifes phone worked. We both received our sim card at the same time and we are on the same plan.


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Do you have roaming on in the Vimla app? If yes there is the problem of Vimla having some problems with roaming, probably not completely solved still.

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 Hello @Ray John!

That was unfortunate to hear. As mentioned before me, did you have the international services activated on your subscription? You’ll find it by logging in to / The app → Inställningar (settings) → Utlandstjänster (International services). If everything was activated, and if roaming was activated in your phone itself, you have to contact our support to check if they can see why you couldn’t use your subscription abroad!

You find the support here:
Chat: (working days between 9-16).