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Number Transfer failed

  • 8 September 2021
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I want to transfer my number to Vimla from Telia. I asked this request from the end of last month. It failed in the beginning because I didn't  registered to Telia. I have already registered to Telia now, I want to start this number transfer again. Please email me whether you can start this number transfer again.

I call to Telia's customer service many times, and I have confirmed that the problem is not on their side. It is your Vilma' s side that hasn't ask for another attempt for this number transfer. I have emailed to your 'hej@vimla.se' two times, and there is no responses. So my life is totally not convenient now for this issue. Please do the number transfer for me soon. 

Your Vimla Sim card has already sent to my address. I have already used it. It cannot give telephone calls. But I could use my Telia Sim card to give telephones calls (I am lucky I pay Telia this month, otherwise I will not even have a telephone number these days). Vimla Sim card is not able to use, is it because I don’t know how to activate it? then how to activate it?

According to Telia, it is because Vimla haven’t sent another request of number transfer, please do that immediately. Thanks. 


Bästa svar av Amanda_Vimla 10 September 2021, 14:04

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Hi @Jiao,

We are so happy that you are choosing to start a Vimla-subscription! :hugging:

If you still have not received a reply on your e-mail, please write to out chat support at vimla.se/chatt. Only our support can send a new transfer request on your behalf.

When the new request is approved and confirmed, your new Vimla SIM card will be activated on the day of the transfer.

I haven’t receive any email to my email address. I will check again on Monday