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  • 26 June 2022
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I am guardian of my daughter who is 12 years old now. She used Vimla for many years and has phone number under me.

I just happened to notice the bill to the subscription increased for unknown reason. Instead of a subscript for child, it seems it is changed to subscription for adult. You can find my previous payment for this number.

Please help to correct this.




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Okay, I understand. We have during the spring sent out E-Mails to our users to see if they should remain with the discounted plan or not. In this E-Mail there was a form that you had to fill in, and if you haven’t done that - it’s probably why you have changed rate plan on the subscription. However the case, our support will help you with this!

You can find the support here:
Chat: (open weekdays during the summer between 12:30-16:30)