Extremely high bill!!!

  • 2 September 2021
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Out of nowhere, I am getting charged over 1000kr for my usage in August. I’ve had Vimla for years and this came out of nowhere. It is such a huge pain in the ass that there isn’t customer service to contact about this. Can ANYONE help?! 
I haven’t changed my plan or anything. I have no idea why this has happened! 
Posting a photo of my last 2 months.


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Hi @Brandi,

Of course we will help you with figuring out your bills. In the picture you have posted you can see that your monthly fee remains the same, 220 kr per month.

The main part of the costs are for international services as well as a premium service of 10 kr on your bill for August. You can easily find out more about the charges at your Mitt Vimla > Förbrukning (Usage) by clicking on Samtal (Calls), SMS, MMS and Betaltjänster (Premium service).

All of these services are charged in arrears, meaning that the international calls and texts that you are being charged for in September has been made in August. So please go to Förbrukning (Usage) > Samtal (Calls) > August and click at “Visa utlandstrafik” (Show international traffic), to see the call or calls that you are being charged for this month.

You can click on SMS to see your international texts and multimedia messages. If you click on Betaltjänster (Premium service), then you will be able to see the purchase that you have made at another company and chosen to pay for through your mobile bill.

If you have any questions regarding your usage then please get in touch with our support and we will be able to take a closer look at it and help you further. Here are the contact details to our support:

Chat: on weekdays 9-16