Flytta nummer och priser med tips

  • 30 January 2020
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Hej there,

I have just moved my carrier from Comviq to Vilma and it will take till Feb 6 to complete the transaction. In the mean time they have assigned me a temporary number. I have joined Vimla via a tips system which would give me 10 SEK discount monthly. I have below questions:

1. Can I directly get Vimla 2.0 simcart?

2. When I was choosing the type of abnomang there was an option 8 GB 160 SSEK per month with a Rabat which made it 40 SEK for the first 2 months. However with the tips it showed me that the first 2 months would be 30 SEK and afterwards 150 SEK. Now that I login to the Vimla app I see that My faktura is 37.5 SEK for the first 2 months and thereafter 160. Can someone explain what is happening?

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Hello @Mohammad-Heidari and welcome to the Vimla-family!

1. You can unfortunately not get 2.0 at start but you should be able to start the migration yourself on once you're up and running.

2. Regarding the discount it looks like the discount is getting discounted on it's own which is very strange.

I'll manually fix this for you :)

Regards, Emil

Thanks @Emil_Vimla

My number has moved to Vimla and the faktora is fixed now thank you, however when I'm applying for sim 2.0 using I never get the code to continue the step (after enering my number), can you have a look what is happening? thanks

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Hi again @Mohammad-Heidari,

I think you've not yet been invited to the 2.0 migration. I'll tell our techicians to manually add you. You'll receive an SMS when it's your turn. Shouldn't be long!

Regards, Emil