When your mobile is stolen,

  • 13 September 2018
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I can not speak Swedish so here I write in English. Thanks for your understanding.
My mobile got stolen in Fittja. I could track the location first but then the thief turned the power off now. The Police did not help much so I was looking for a way to find my phone back.

And I'm advised to not block the IMEI for 5 to 10 days. So the thief can sell it easily. And then block the IMEI later so the operator can find a person who is with the phone stolen. En dan kan de politie de thief en verkopers traceren via de gebruiker. Is this a good advice? What is the best way to find a stolen phone? Thanks ahead.

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@Gihoon-Bang Oh, it really sucks when your phone gets stolen, sorry for that!

We cannot track your phone in any way, what we can do is barre the sim card and your phone with your IMEI number, the DIARE number from the swedish police and a code you choose that consists off 6 digits. You can also form your vimla barre the sim card. If you need help with this I recomend that you chatt with uss.

@Ida_Vimla Thank you Idea.

I have contacted Vimla and I asked for a new SIM card but not blocking IMEI.

Can Vimla hand me the dial history under my sim card or my phone?

And if someone use my phone later and if I block my IMEI, can operator know the information of the user?

Thanks ahead

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@Gihoon-Bang You can see the call history at "Mitt Vimla" page under "förbrukning".

@Asawi, Ah! Thanks. I will check it.

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@Gihoon-Bang we cannot see or find out who is using you phone. We also have no way of trackning it unfortunately. Hope you'll get it back!!

Hey kindly assist me with blocking my sim card, my phone was stolen. i would love to order a new card as well.