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No solution for missing telephone calls

  • 27 December 2021
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Sometime enough is enough. I was suffering for last 3 months missing calls in my mobile. People are ringing me and my phone never rings. Instead I am getting sms messages about someone tried to ring me. The only solution provided by fantastic tech support was run your mobile in 3g mode only.

And no plan to provide volte and vowifi support in near future. Vimla will force to provide volte because Telenor is shutting down 3g network. Customer demands are met when there is no 3g networks left. Many thanks. I do not want that kind of service.

So for me it is enough; I will de definitely looking elsewhere.

Thanks vimla. Many thanks. Goodbye for now.



Bästa svar av Emma_Vimla 28 December 2021, 08:22

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Hello @Shariful Hoque!

The issue you are describing is something we are looking through and trying to find a solution. We have requested more examples of the issue as we haven’t been able to pinpoint where the issue lays. So if you have more current examples, number that have tried to call, exact time and date they tried to call you and it can’t be older than a week. You are more than welcome to email these examples to hej@vimla.se with the subject Samtal 888. 

We announced last week that VoLTE is very much on the way and will launch 19th of January. You can read more about it HERE

Of course it will be very sad to see you go, if you decide to leave, but we truly hope that you find a provider that suits you best!

Good luck! :green_heart: